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Rory Jackson, Skipper with over 40 years experience

Rory has been working with the sea for over 40 years when he started out with his own company selling and repairing outboard motors and boats in the 1979, as well as taking people on fishing and scenic tours, and boat hire, by in the early 1980’s he also set up a windsurfing school as it was a keen hobby for him at this time.

By the mid-1980s, Diving was becoming a major part of the business and expansion into this market was developing and Rory was a founding member of Discover underwater Ireland a Board Failte supported network of diving centres in Ireland. West Cork was a leading area for unique and fantastic dive sites, and many came from all over the world to dive with Rory.

Appointed Area officer for the then Coast and Cliff rescue service now known as The Irish Coastguard service a role held for 20 years which saw much growth and development for the voluntary service.

Throughout the late 1980s and 90s; Diving, Fishing, and taking out Anglers on the boat MV Carbery Maid from Union Hall and Baltimore.

Eventually this has led to working for a tour boat company out of Baltimore for 2 seasons and now setting up and running West Cork Ocean Tours from Reen Pier, West Cork – P81 RW14. Rory also founded the Oceans Plastic Project CLG in 2017, with the aim of r esearching the plastic waste along the Atlantic and Irish seacoasts of Ireland. He works together with the Transition /4th year plus other years Secondary School Students. originally with Skibbereen Community School.

To make our tours as sustainable as possible, our boat is fueled with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). It’s made from certified 100% waste vegetable oils and animal fats and offers up to a 90% reduction in net CO2 emissions. HVO is stable, renewable, sustainable and high-quality, and therefore offers better combustion, filterability and cold temperature performance than regular fossil diesel.

With an extensive knowledge of the sea and local area an enjoyable trip is guaranteed.

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