Wildlife and expected sightings off this part of the coast

Common Great seals colonize at the Stags Rocks part of our regular trips and also home for a huge variety of Seabird Family’s including Gannets, Shearwaters, Storm Petrels, Gulls, Terns and Guillemot Razorbill’s and Puffin’s.

Basking sharks regularly seen from April till June each year and sometimes later depending on Phytoplankton movement.

Minke Whales common sights off the coast from April to November

Humpback whale’s regular visitors throughout the season

Fin Whale second largest whale species are often sighted mostly August to November

Short beaked Common Dolphins are regular daily sights.
Bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins are also often seen.

Porpoises are commonly seen feeding locally too a shy species but  enjoyable to watch when heading out.

Sunfish, Blue shark, Tuna, & feeding frenzies.

Leatherback Turtles have been seen in the past. They are sadly a rare sighting, but we hope to see them again.

Rory Jackson

West Cork, Ireland